About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am from either Houston, Beijing, or Seattle–based on your definition of one’s locational identity. My biggest affinities in life include painting, writing music, eating (more so than cooking), writing anything, goofing around with family and friends, travelling to discover to nooks and crannies of the world, and gaining knowledge of perspectives, cultures, ideas, and sentiments.

I chose to start this because I found myself debating about events and truths with those around me. While I’ve been writing solid Word documents since third grade, I no longer can express my perspective through writing limericks. By growing up and opening my eyes I now see the world, modern as it is, objectively and unwavered by others’ stances. This is why I felt this place would be a good idea for me to “transcribe” my stream of consciousness.

My intent is to not force any feelings but perhaps hopefully rouse someone’s curiosity about one of our world’s realities one day.